IoT Anomaly Detection Platform

Modern, data-driven businesses want to move from fire-fighting to pro-active support patterns.

Building on top of endjin's Data Production Platform and utilising the full power of Cortana Intelligence Suite, endjin's Anomaly Detection Platform can be used to identify, classify and visualize anomalies in device telemetry or customer behaviour, and automatically feed back into your support procedures.

A series of live, interactive visualisations enable data exploration of the data in different ways - down at the micro level, looking at anomalies in a single type of telemetry event, and up to the macro level, looking at correlations between different events across a range of days.

The solution provides a mechanism for identifying unusual activity in vast quantities of data after understanding general trends and seasonality patterns. It enables correlation across particular combinations of events that are impacted, highlighting how big the impact is and ultimately ending up with a date range or point in time and a combination of anomalous data that need investigating in more detail - providing a targetted starting point for drilling into the raw data to do root cause analysis.

A turnkey solution to pro-active support

The end to end platform is deployable automatically through a set of Azure Resource Manager templates and PowerShell scripts that can form part of a continuous integration and deployment process or provision the solution at the push of a button.

The underlying Data Production Platform provides a configuration-driven, adaptive data pipeline using HDInsight that can dynamically shape raw data, execute the anomaly detection model hosted in Azure Machine Learning and produce the interactve Power BI visualisations.

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