Predicting customer propensity with the Cortana Intelligence Suite

Purplebricks are a high growth 24/7 online estate agency offering to sell customer properties for a low cost flat fee. They recently floated on the stock market with a market valuation of £240m just 19 months after the company launched.

Purplebricks wanted to explore how machine learning could help the organisation scale efficiently, as demand for scarce business resources was rapidly increasing.

By applying our standard data science process, we were able to build a solution on Cortana Intelligence Suite that could predict customer propensity with a high level of confidence.

With a total investment of just two weeks, the solution armed Purplebricks with the insight needed to effectively allocate resources, increase business efficiency, and help solve one of Purplebricks' most critical business challenges.

In doing so, we were also able to disprove a long held business belief about their data. Being able to rapidly prove or disprove business hypotheses enable organisations to zero in on the best solutions, avoiding unnecessary effort and cost of chasing hunches.

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