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With approximately 4 million job applications per month and 14,000 registered recruiters, is the no. 1 employment agency website in the UK. Established in 1995, the UK's first online recruitment site grew through the ground breaking decision to open up its platform to its competitors to advertise their jobs free of charge.

Always looking for new ways to innovate, improve and stay ahead, Reed asked us to independently analyse and review their engineering teams' processes over the course of 3 development cycles.

Our standard process review exercise involves capturing, understanding and extracting insight from a variety of data, including code commit history, team collaboration tools, and project management portals. Through a combination of real time observation backed up by a data science and analytical methodology, insights into team interaction and behaviour as well as efficiency and process were developed and explained.

The value gained from the process review was realised in multiple areas - from understanding waste in business and development processes, to understanding how organisational culture affects team dynamics and performance.

With the insight gained from the review, the teams at Reed are empowered to take on the next era of growth.

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